Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Photo manipulation - portraits

Having a bit of a crisis of conscience over photoshopping portraits.  I've recently done a load and many of the people involved (mainly the young girls) asked me to photoshop them.
I'm OK with doing a bit of skin smoothing etc, but where would you draw the line?
This is a list of the things I would normally consider doing to an image: -
  • Skin smoothing
  • Spot/blemish removal
  • Brightening of the eyes
  • Darkening of the lashes
  • Colour matching of teeth
  • Removal of stray hairs
  • un-closing of eyes (usually as a clone from another similar image)
  • removal of bright/shiny areas
What I am not so sure about is when I am asked to change the overall shape or add to/remove from the image: -
  • reduce the number of chins
  • give someone more/less hair,
  • make the eyes bigger
  • plump the lips
  • "make me look like a supermodel"
  • make people thinner/broader/taller/shorter
What do you normally do, and where would you draw the line?

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